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    Post Introductory Review: Push and Lessons Learned

    Darian Mason
    Sep 23, '12 4:34 PM EST

    Preparing for the Review

    The week leading up the the first review included trying to balance thesis with work, wife, and a desire to do a gateway project and add to my IDP (Intern Development Program) hours. By Wednesday (the 19th of Sept.) I was working on 5 hrs of sleep a night and trying to push and make a good showing at the review.


    After meeting with Thesis Faculty we found that I needed to justify the site and find some solid precedents to justify what I am trying to accomplish.  This meant Friday-Saturday working on developing precedent images and a SketchUp model of all of Boston to justify siting the thesis on the boundary of Massachusetts Ave and Washington Street.

    Checking out the Competition

    Monday I made a trip in to look over the other students' review. The reviews ran the gamut from information and image- filled to information light and concise images. From what I saw at the review, it looked like I needed to concretely justify the site and the program as well as providing conclusive methods of inquiry and terms of criticism.

    Back to the Drawing Boards

    Tuesday was the long day. I finished a long day at work and made it in to the school by 6. I camped out a created 9 boards to cover:

    Thesis- Methods of Inquiry- Terms of Criticism-Site Selection-Building Details- Program- Precedents

    The rain started to fall and the wind started to blow and the caffeine was a pumpin...

    And by 12:15 the boards were completed and I started packing up... ! Yes Done. On time!


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