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    A Glass Menagerie

    Aaron Willette
    Sep 21, '12 12:33 AM EST

    I've been really shocked at the positive response I've received to the interview with Rives. It and its accompanying interviews were done more for my own need than anything else and I was unsure if anyone would even be interested in what was said. Clearly it was enjoyed and because of that I'm excited for the next installment in the series. I'll be working on a written piece for my good friends over at Big Red & Shiny in the coming weeks so I won't be able to get around to posting the second interview until that's wrapped. But I haven't forgotten about it and will be getting to it in early October before I head off to San Francisco for ACADIA.

    The BR&S piece isn't the only thing keeping me busy, as things have been busy here in Ann Arbor for the past couple of weeks. The most notable happening is completing the design/fabrication/installation of Specimen, a project in Grand Rapids, Michigan with Wes McGee and Catie Newell. A revisiting of the installation we did for the Glass Cast research, its currently on display as part of Grand Rapids's ArtPrize event in the space curated by the team from SiTE:LAB. Here are some images that we took as we rushed out the door at 1am Monday morning after a long two days of install:

    Due to technicalities it isn't eligible for any award as part of ArtPrize, a fact we realized late in the game, but c'est la vie. The install was extremely stressful and we were beyond relieved when the last panel went up; truth be told, couldn't be happier with it.

    A special thanks goes out to Grant Weaver, a MArch student here at TCAUP that helped with the last couple days of fabrication and the first day of the install. Without him we would have never completed the project by the deadline and I'd probably be out there right now cleaning and hanging glass.

    All photos courtesy of Catie Newell.

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    • chatter of clouds

      there you  go, lyricism. nice work.

      Sep 22, 12 7:16 am

      the rainbow-color(s) in the last image is just the light refraction/reflection from that image-angle right? Not the color of the glass from kiln?

      Sep 23, 12 9:50 pm

      Nam: Yes, that's from the light, not the glass itself.

      Sep 24, 12 10:43 am

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