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Jan '12 - Aug '13

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    Performance Anxiety

    Aaron Willette
    Jan 17, '12 3:12 AM EST

    The first blog post. As idealized in the mind of the individual behind the keyboard it is a function of area: a mandatory declaration of extents, laying forth the foundation of grandiose fortifications defining one's domain. In reality it is to sally, celebrating the initial conditions from which an intellectual and verbal dérive springs forth. And with such thoughts in mind I'll drop the theoretical posturing and let you know why I've taken up this soapbox as to allow you to discern if I'm worth listening to.

    I've been on Archinect for a while. Not as long as some of the the more senior members, but long enough to say with a hint of pride that I remember when the website was in the business of pimping rather than connecting, the forums were anonymous and Israel K. was somehow involved in every discussion. At the time I was a student, and like to think that, like the site, I was just beginning to grapple with how I would find my place within the architectural establishment. By the time I started my professional career Archinect had transitioned to its second incarnation, providing me with a much-needed lifeline to a community of creative, like-minded peers. These same folk provided the necessary mix of inspiration and support when I shifted trajectories and moved onto a quasi-academic position. The parallels continue with Archinect v3.0 - we're both a bit older and arguably wiser, and have opted to make our place rather than find it. And like good community members we've decided its time to give back to something that's given us so much.

    Its getting late and unlike Archinect I have 60 pages of De Landa to read for my 9am class, so I'm going to cut to the chase:

    While I'm currently a student but this isn't going to be a school blog. Right now classes just get in the way of my research, something I somehow get paid to do and find incredibly more interesting. I fancy myself an aspiring academic and intend to use this as a platform to discuss issues of emerging pedagogy that I find relevant. I'm also a shoprat and love shop talk - don't be surprised if I get sidetracked and go off on tangents that deal with that side of things. I also have amazing, talented friends and will unabashedly pimp their work as much as possible.

    Hopefully I have something to say that you'll want to hear. I'll also do my best to include pictures for all you fancy graphic lovers.

    current listening: Sleep - Dopesmoker

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