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    Whither Installation Symposium Part 4: Photos, etc...

    Aaron Willette
    Jan 24, '12 6:57 AM EST

    My apologies for the delay in this post. The 'final push' for Glass Cast (the Research Through Making project I was a collaborator on, shown above) started at the end of last year during the semester break; upon the project's completion for the exhibit this past weekend I realized that there were a number of things (academic and otherwise) I had fallen behind on, and have been attempting to catch up ever since.

    So being privileged with access to the space the installations are in, I went back earlier this evening to take some photos. A couple disclaimers:

    • The projects are lit horribly (or not at all) so the photos are few. Unfortunately Mary-Ann Ray and Robert Mangurian's piece is rather large and not lit at all, so I wasn't able to catch any good shots.
    • I'm also about as far from a quality photographer as one can be, so the quality is 'meh' at best.
    • I haven't received the 'live' photos back from my partner in crime at the symposium, so once I remember to harass him about those I'll be sure to append them where appropriate.
    • Since I'm partial to Glass Cast for obvious reasons, I have an excess of photos for that project. If people are interested, I'd gladly follow up in a separate post with more into on the project in terms of process, etc.

    Also, be sure to check out the blog of Michigan grad student 'hsolie', who has way more photos from the opening event than I do. I hope everyone enjoyed the coverage as much as I did providing it, although I can say that if you ever think that live blogging an all-day event is a good idea, think really hard about what that entails.

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