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    7 on 6: Beyond Architecture

    By ysoa2014
    Apr 14, '12 10:19 AM EST

    Near the halfway point of our first year in the M. Arch program at the Yale School of Architecture, something became really apparent: even though we spent 20 hours a day together there were still so many things that we just didn't know about one another, the things that don't come up in studio or even over a beer. We realized that we all did really interesting things in our lives before coming to architecture school and why shouldn't we share that with one another? We wanted to give our classmates a forum from which to share all of those things which made us who we are.

    So, 7 on 6 was born, piggy backing on the popular 6 on 7 social event that happens every week at the YSOA (6 o'clock on the 7th floor roof terrace), our event was at 7 o'clock in the sixth floor pit, allowing five first year students five minutes each to do whatever they wanted in a mini Pecha Kucha style format. Each and every week has given people the opportunity to show a side of themselves which normally doesn't get to come out. People have played guitar, violin, and harp, breakdanced, read poetry in Chinese and French, shared original compositions, literary theories, and great stories about road trips, travels, and that weird time on the border of China. It's been a great time and brought the school and the class together, and we can't wait to see where the rest of them will take us.

    Last night's 7 on 6 concluded with our own Tom Day beatboxing, check it out here:

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