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    A brief (statistical) introduction

    By ysoa2014
    Feb 6, '12 8:31 AM EST

    As a blog written by 55 different people can seem anonymous, we thought we could at least provide some more information (statistically speaking) about the composition of our current M.Arch I class.  Below you'll see some numbers (put together on that approximates the composition of students.

    Our plan is to start a feature where we interview a student every other week, and ask them a few questions that will hopefully prove entertaining for everyone.  We'll try to capture the feel of a series recently run in LOG 23, where Luca Farinelli met with 20 architects and asked them the same set of questions.  See below for a link to the interviews with Robert Stern and Preston Scott Cohen.

    Happy Monday!  (Stern) (PSC)


    • Lian Chikako Chang


      Lots of guys in your class. Is this typical for YSOA?

      Also, I enjoyed reading the Q+A with Stern and PSC and just wanted to pull out the parts I found most amusing.

      From Bob Stern:

      Beatles or Rolling Stones?

      Lady Gaga or Beyonce?
      Couldn't care less.

      Mac or PC?
      Never turned on a computer my entire life.

      Is architecture democratic?
      I don't think architecture has a politics.

      Should architecture be democratic?
      I don't think architecture should have a politics.

      Is architecture masculine or feminine?
      I don't have an impression of that.



      From PSC:

      Beatles or Rolling Stones?
      Unfortunately, the Beatles. It's more trivial, but I'll have to admit it.

      Lady Gaga or Beyonce?
      Lady Gaga.

      Mac or PC?

      Is architecture democratic?

      Should architecture be democratic?
      I'm afraid it can't be, if by democratic you mean everyone has a role in making every decision that produces it. I don't think any of the arts are democratic. You can't have a committee deciding the plot of art. Representation is problematic because it is politicized. If someone represents the voice of a larger group, they are always politicized by virtue of their obligation to that group and their own self-preservation. This muddles the decisions by the public and diffuses the interests of the architectural.

      Is architecture masculine or feminine?
      I think it's feminine, because it's about the interior. And by the interior, I mean all dimensions of interiority. It's very complex, too subtle and too nuanced to have its projection be what you would call masculine, if I'm going to accept what is likely the definition of masculinity.

      Feb 6, 12 12:24 pm  · 
      Lian Chikako Chang


      From Stan Allen:

      Is the West going through a midlife crisis?
      It's way past midlife. It's doddering into old age.


      Feb 6, 12 12:27 pm  · 


      The breakdown for our class is distributed differently than prior years.  I think that most are closer to a 50-50 split.  How about at the GSD, what is the breakdown?

      I also appreciate this question, where education is turned back on the educator...


      What are Corb's five points for a new architecture?

      What is this, a quiz? The horizontal window, the pilotis, the use of the roof, the wall separated from the frame . . . I missed the free plan


      What are Corb's five points for a new architecture?

      The great five points? The free facade, the free plan, the pilotis, the fenetre en longueur . . . and what was the final one? It's not the promenade. The roof garden! I love the roof garden! How could I forget it? My little Torus House is all about that.

      Feb 8, 12 9:27 am  · 
      Lian Chikako Chang

      I think the GSD is about 50-50, with maybe even slightly more women than men in the architecture programs. Landscape architecture tends to have more women than men.

      If you combine this with the fact that more of the women tend to be straight(ish), and more of the men tend to be gay(ish)--well, I digress.


      Feb 10, 12 2:03 pm  · 

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