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    Stockholm Whirlwind Tour

    By Bronwyn Charlton
    Feb 16, '12 3:57 AM EST

    We visited Stockholm with friends from Washu (Jenn and Alex) for a day and a half. It is truly a land filled with tall, beautiful blonds! The city was lively with activity and infinitely walkable -- its geography of 14 islands, of which 30% is parks was dynamic in its constant undulations and unexpected waterway vistas. Our first trip was the Vasa Museum.

    The Vasa was built 1626-28 under the King Gustavas Adolphus and sank on its maiden voyage less than a mile from is construction dock. Too top heavy in its design, and with gun ports whose water-line wouldn't allow more ballast to be placed in the hold for risk of flooding, this majestic ship never got to see the land conquest and battles it was built for. It symbolizes a period in Sweden's history of great power, and the incredibly ornate carvings and gold leaf on this majestically restored ship give testament to that.

    The harbors in Stockholm are also magnificent -- We all felt jealous of the cozy yachts parked along the bank that had steam/smoke pouring from their chimneys. Many of them had a huge assortment of items packed onto their decks -- from bicycles to barbeque pits.


    We found a stunning church on our way to Gamla Stan, the medieval part of town:


    Admired the narrow closes:


    The precarious stairs:


    And Gunnar Asplund's beautiful Stockholm Public Library:


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