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  • Degree Project SP10 reviews

    By MK/AP
    May 21, '10 6:53 PM EST

    Earlier today commencement ceremonies were held for graduating students at the Sam Fox School of Design and Visual Arts (including undergraduate art and architecture, M.Arch, MFA, and MUD). Today seems like a good occasion to show images from M.Arch Degree Project reviews, taken on May 3 and May 4. The images below are of some of the reviews I was able to visit (while taking breaks from my own work)...

    Andrew Zimmerman

    Alan Basič

    Alan Basič

    Liu Xi

    Jin-Wook Lee

    Brad Cooke

    Brad Cooke

    Margaret Cooke

    Margaret Cooke

    Ekta Desai

    Ekta Desai

    Nick Kunkle

    set of higher resolution images @flickr

    This semester's group of Degree Project students put together an impressive and broadly ranging set of projects. Congratulations to everyone, and best of luck with the next step...

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  • Final Review

    By MK/AP
    May 13, '10 2:42 PM EST

    Our final review was yesterday, so the semester has officially come to a close. Now all that's left to do is clean out studio, turn in tine sheets for TA jobs, and continue to catch up on sleep. We plan on posting this summer about our first year at WUSTL--including our own studio work, the work... View full entry

  • Studio Work Spring 2010_XL: T.I.M

    By MK/AP
    May 6, '10 12:08 PM EST

    This is the first entry in what we plan on making a series of entries on studio work at WUSTL. To kick things off, here is a glimpse at one of 2 fabrication studios that were available to students at the option level this semester. Studio data, text and images to follow...but first, here is a link... View full entry

  • Framework for a Heterotopia

    By MK/AP
    May 3, '10 1:59 PM EST

    This semester I have been investigating a concept, heterotopia, that I hope will inform my Spring 2011 Degree Project proposal (Degree Project is akin to a graduate thesis project, but has traditionally manifested itself in a somewhat detailed and comprehensive architectural proposal). Below is a... View full entry

  • Studio Trip Spring 2010_Entry I

    By MK/AP
    Apr 26, '10 1:37 AM EST

    During spring break this semester we had the opportunity to travel to the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium with our studio. Our professors, Robert McCarter + Wiel Arets, proposed an extensive list of buildings for us to visit over the course of our 9 day trip, which included time in Amsterdam... View full entry

  • In the wake of Open House weekend...

    By MK/AP
    Apr 11, '10 9:57 PM EST

    Hey everyone! We, the co-authors of this blog, thought it would be a good idea to finally get around to our first post, on the heels of what was a well attended and festive Open House that we were able to enjoy without the nervous anticipation that the prospective students must have... View full entry

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