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    Visual and Spatial Continuity

    By WCParchitect
    Jan 30, '12 12:32 AM EST

    The basic concept of architecture that aims to maintain the visual and spatial continuity in the house was chosen as the concept that best fit the contour of the land and the environment. With the implementation of this concept, the space for the space used for activities or called spatial space will seem more spacious and blends. Land can also be utilized to the maximum.

    Application of spatial continuity in the house, presented among others in terms of unification between spaces. Suppose the pattern on the floor of the dining room made into the floor of the terrace beside the pool diffuse reflectance, or even unity of the sky - the sky between the dining room with pantry. Front section of the building mass is made semi-transparent, it becomes like a thin separator to the mass of the building behind him.

    Not quite up there, also presented the visual continuity of the family room and study room upstairs. Children - the stairs are made available in the form of the fields drifting to the visual continuity of the sleeping room towards the outside to stay awake. While the use of glass that looks dominant in each chamber serves to limit the space spatially, but remains visually continuous.

    Among the many rooms in this dwelling, living room with a void on it became a favorite choice of the family. Its location is surrounded by open space, starting from the front garden which sloped to last into the garden roof over the master bedroom and inner court with reflective pond, has become a major attraction because of the flexibility and visual continuity.


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      I love how the cladding in the first image is directly influenced by the rod-iron driveway fence.  

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