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    By WCParchitect
    Dec 28, '11 3:20 AM EST

    Location : Kota Baru Parahyangan, Bandung - Indonesia


    The building is located on the corner of the main mass is composed of basic building shaped like the letter 'T' tall two-story building on the foundation laid in the semi-basement. There is an additional mass of bright green that extends from front to rear, with the basic shape of a parallelogram tube surface, so that the mass of these additives can be enjoyed from the exterior to the interior of his house. In the space between the main and auxiliary mass is made of a well of light (light well) that permeates every floor started to get to the basement roof.
    Interesting and unique design is expected by the owner and the architect, to be able to realize the experience of space is "rich". A transparent corridor of steel framed tempered glass makes people feel like flying to get to another room in the house. To soften the boundaries between areas of floors and walls are usually vertical, the walls were made along the tilt on the side of the corridor.
    Residential character is also embody the spaces between the 'outer' and 'in' as building height, slim and lightweight. The roof of the building seemed to be appointed and removed from body building to create the impression of light. The concept of 'green architecture' is applied to minimize artificial light and air conditioning. Reflecting pool is made to keep the humidity and temperature around the house, other than as an element and aesthetic landscape barrier between the outer space with a courtyard.
    In addition to the unique continuous sloping wall is green, there is unity between the visual vertical spaces are realized with the design of a main corridor made of transparent glass. Also on the top floor there is a transparent glass bridge through which the entry of sunlight from the roof above it down to the basement.

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