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    Petit Villa

    By WCParchitect
    Dec 28, '11 3:47 AM EST

    Location : Kampung Sindangwaas, Lembang - Indonesia


    It was quiet, peaceful, and away from the crowd with an optimal view of the valley and towards the Bandung City View is the "something" that can be enjoyed from this villa.
    Villa owners wanted a resting place to "get away" for a moment of your daily routine and bustle of this city because now the city of Bandung, especially on weekends, always filled with visitors from out of town so the streets became crowded and jammed. To the owners of villas to choose a location somewhat remote location to the mountains and the countryside but still around Bandung. Finally obtained the location of the villa in the area of ​​Crooked Dago, precisely in Kampung Sindangwaas, Village Mekarwangi, District Lembang with total area of ​​approximately 4000 m2. The position of land located in the valley so that the contours of the land is very steep. To anticipate the danger of landslides, the owner of the villa has previously performed with the maturation of the land terracing system. Surrounding land also made retaining wall of masonry that also functions as a wall forming the outer space. Villa building mass is placed on a flat, the most optimal of the whole land is highly contoured. The concept of villa architecture is emerging based on the primary consideration of the villa owners will need a room for a gathering place with the best views towards the valley and the Bandung City View.
    Starting from the composition of the two masses rectangular box-shaped building that is placed perpendicular to each other with a distance of 8 meters to produce a space between them. The space between is what used to be a gathering place and the main room the whole villa. Its function is as a family room and dining room. The roof of this room is raised as high as 1 meter
    from the height of the building mass in order to obtain optimum views of villas and residents can enjoy the view as wide as 3600 to the park, even to the landscape outside the villa complex. The concept of the mass of the building itself was designed simple. Architect Alex Santoso building up the mass of the basic shapes and simple geometric compositions. Finishing materials are simple and tend to be monochromatic color selection of white, gray and dark brown deliberately chosen so that the mass of buildings and spaces in it does not stand out because of who wants to find and become the overall appeal of this villa is the beauty of landscape and natural surroundings.
    Actually, this villa houses are prepared for the future. The top and bottom of the villas will be built again two masses of building a second child villa owners. Villa which is now standing is the villa for the elderly. The mass of the villa buildings using structural columns and beams with conventional reinforced concrete construction. The roof of the building using a flat roof structure with concrete construction given leak-proof lining / waterproofing. Flat roof is prepared to serve as an additional greenroof with gazebo or blank bale. While the carport and a security post, use lightweight galvanized steel roof.
    Similar to the concept of architecture, interior design concept is very simple and functional. Because of its function as a resort, it did not need much space. Only the core room in this villa which include the main sleeping room with outdoor terrace, indoor sleeping child that can later be used as a sleeping guest room, family room, dining room and pantry. Everything is on one floor with an area of ​​250 m2. The walls around the building using bukaanbukaan a lot of doors and windows of translucent glass material. These openings are created without a frame (frameless), there is also the receipts frame powder coated white aluminum frames are thin. In front of the family room and dining room, there is a spacious outdoor terrace which is equipped with a sitting area. Dividing wall between two rooms in the form of glass sliding doors of opaque material. If the door is opened up, the second room was united, as if the terrace is part of a continuous floor of the main room of the indoor area into an outdoor area, bringing outside inside.
    Overall, the architect preparing the composition of the mass of the building in order like a procession. Starting from the gates, security posts, carport which is the foreground of the villa and end at the villa building itself.

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