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Oct '11 - Nov '11

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    Social Media Network and Job Searching

    Tatiana Barros
    Oct 17, '11 11:05 PM EST

    Social media today can be used for a number of things. To stay connected with family and friends, to advertise a new business and also to search for a job. I have mentioned before how important it is to make us stand out when job searching, and social media can make us visible to a lot of potential employers.

    Linkedin is one of the social media networks that connects us to thousands of people. It uses a system that interconnects people thru primary, secondary and tertiary connections. This means that your 20 primary connections can interconnect you with other 100 people. Is a network of people who are offering jobs or know someone who can recommend you or offer you a job.

    It is important to take advantage of these connections. One can always ask an employee of a potential firm for an informative interview about the firm and its hiring process. Also, because linkedin uses message and email, this interview can be done online. Informational interviews can place you at an advantage because when there is an opening, hiring managers tend to think about prospects they already know, and if you conducted a good interview, they will have you in mind.

    Moreover, design websites are another social network that lets you stay connected with potential employers. Archinect, and coroflot to mention a few, let you post your resume and portfolio. As a member you not only get to search for a job opening, however, employers also get to look for you. So make sure to upload your resume, add a sample of your best projects and you are up to be noticed by a recruiter.

    Furthermore, if you have your own website with your projects, add a link to your resume and to the social media website, making it easier for employers to see your work. Also, keep your resume and contact information updated so people can get in contact with you.


    If you are looking for your first job, remember, there is always a way, or you can make one. Use all your resources and tools available to find you the job that you want, and more importantly keep improving yourself.


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