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Oct '11 - Nov '11

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    Tatiana Barros
    Oct 8, '11 1:43 PM EST

              After graduating in May, I took the summer off before starting to look for work as an Interior Designer. I've emailed all of my contacts from school, either previous instructors or contacts given to me by my instructors, and have also responded to many adds.

            Unfortunately, many adds ask for more than 3 years experience, something that myself and my fellow classmates don't have. There were also adds for entry-level Interior Designer requiring 2 years experience. My friends and I were wondering, how is it possible that one must have 2 years experience for a entry-level position? And how does one graduate from college with that much experience? I was fortunate enough for having held internships for more than a year, which it was really hard, given the intensity of the interior design program at FIT. However, my experience still doesn't amount to + 2 years experience. What about my classmates who couldn't manage school and internships and opted to dedicate their time to school only? Recent graduates doesn't have many options when searching for their first professional job during this economy.

                     Job hunting can also be very competitive. My friend told me the other day, "if you see a job, let me know". I thought to myself, "if I see a job I'm not going to tell you 'cause I'm looking for one too". With hundreds of people looking for the same job is every man for himself. Deep down, if the company I am applying happen to have more than one vacancy, I'll let her know. 

              I rather think this is the time for regeneration and to reflect on my options. I can't just sit on the couch all day looking for a job. I have to network, design, and be creative. In other words, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. 
    What about you, how's your job hunting going?

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