Archinect - New Grad for Hire! 2017-09-25T11:24:01-04:00 Thank you Archinect! Tatiana Barros 2011-11-15T22:10:36-05:00 >2011-11-24T09:05:52-05:00 <p> To follow up on my last post on social media networking, I would like to add that this technique for job seeking really works. A few weeks ago I was contacted by a company that asked if I was interested in learning about the interior designer position they had. The manager claimed to have seen my profile on archinect. I was so thrilled and surprised about it. It really goes to show that we should really use all of the resources available to us.</p> <p> Technology and social media is becoming part of our daily lives, whether is drawing plans, watching movies, grocery shopping or, yes, looking for jobs. While some people may prefer the old job seeking ways of cold calling, walking ins, and so on, sending emails and posting your portfolio online work just as well nowadays. So why limit yourself? Be creative and make easier for potential employers to find you. Research high traffic job board websites, create a profile and post your portfolio on their sites.&nbsp;</p> <p> Opportunities come from where ...</p> Social Media Network and Job Searching Tatiana Barros 2011-10-17T23:05:10-04:00 >2011-10-17T23:05:10-04:00 <p> Social media today can be used for a number of things. To stay connected with family and friends, to advertise a new business and also to search for a job. I have mentioned before how important it is to make us stand out when job searching, and social media can make us visible to a lot of potential employers.</p> <p> Linkedin is one of the social media networks that connects us to thousands of people. It uses a system that interconnects people thru primary, secondary and tertiary connections. This means that your 20 primary connections can interconnect you with other 100 people. Is a network of people who are offering jobs or know someone who can recommend you or offer you a job.</p> <p> It is important to take advantage of these connections. One can always ask an employee of a potential firm for an informative interview about the firm and its hiring process. Also, because linkedin uses message and email, this interview can be done online. Informational interviews can place you at an advantag...</p> Entry-level positions Tatiana Barros 2011-10-08T13:43:04-04:00 >2011-10-08T13:43:04-04:00 <p> &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; After graduating in May, I took the summer off before starting to look for work as an Interior Designer. I've emailed all of my contacts from school, either previous instructors or contacts given to me by my instructors, and have also responded to many adds.<br> &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;</p> <p> &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; Unfortunately, many adds ask for more than 3 years experience, something that myself and my fellow classmates don't have. There were also adds for entry-level Interior Designer requiring 2 years experience. My friends and I were wondering, how is it possible that one must have 2 years experience for a entry-level position? And how does one graduate from college with that much experience? I was fortunate enough for having held internships for more than a year, which it was really hard, given the intensity of the interior design program at FIT. However, my experience still doesn't amount to + 2 years experience. What about my classmates who couldn't manage school and internships and opted to dedicate...</p> Networking Tatiana Barros 2011-10-05T23:15:22-04:00 >2011-10-05T23:15:47-04:00 <p> &nbsp;</p> <p> This past Tuesday I went to the Architecture for Humanity New York Chapter monthly meeting. It has been a desire of mine to be part of the organization and volunteer but since I was in school, I never found the time for it. Now that I&rsquo;m idle looking for a job, I stopped by to introduce myself.</p> <p> I thought I would go and not only become part of it but also network and increase my professional contact. The thing is, I wasn&rsquo;t the only one with this idea. Majority of the people at the meeting on Tuesday were architects and interior designers that were currently looking for work. Most were newly grads like me, and some were experienced designers that had been out of work for at least one year. There were many people from other countries too, like Australia, Honduras and Spain, who came to try their luck in NYC.</p> <p> Times are really tough, everywhere I look there are designers looking for work. Also, it seems that recent graduates are the most affected by it. We have little experience...</p> Newly Grad for Hire! Tatiana Barros 2011-10-03T22:06:29-04:00 >2011-10-04T22:36:17-04:00 <p> &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; Fall has arrived. Yet still there are many of us, may 2011 graduates, trying to land our first professional job. The current economic crises and a recession on the way make difficult for someone like me, to find the dream job but what to do in such times?<br> &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;Ask anyone, and the advices are endless. Network and referral. Research companies that you want to work for and write a killer cover letter and a flawless resume. And make sure to have a striking portfolio. Competition is tough so make yourself standout.<br> &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; The key is, use the opportunity to reinvent yourself. We all heard our true calling and have discovered our passion. So instead of seating around browsing job boards, keep on designing, and your ideas fresh. Everywhere you go, let people know what you do, you never know where opportunity is coming from. Always have an updated resume on your website and hand business cards to most people you know.<br> &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;If you have contacts, keep them posted of your ...</p>