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    The End and The Beginning

    By jemueljoseph
    May 13, '11 1:22 AM EST

    Design II dealt with the introduction of landscape as a link between context and architecture. Through the analysis of natural elements such as light, wind, and water, program and form were addressed. The program – a bathhouse – was to be situated on a collaborative landscape site in which each student was assigned a 2x2ft area of the plot. It was a collective and individual effort therefore to relate not only the physical manifestations of their notions of landscape, but more importantly the concepts themselves as well.

    Representation II, as opposed to Representation 1 focused on digital media as a means of communication. The course took students through the basic workflows of AutoCAD, Illustrator, and Indesign through 2 main projects: the analysis of Palladian Villas (Villa Barbaro in my case) and the making of a portfolio.

    I was particularly interested in the representation of temporal experience within the plan and axonometric.

    Here are some photos from the final portfolio review:

    On a completely different note, I had decided (quite long ago actually) that I would try my chances at applying to the Cooper Union. There are many reasons for my decision to do so, but perhaps that is a post in itself for another time.

    I'm glad to tell you all that I was accepted for the up and coming fall semester as a transfer. I've decided to take the offer and will be attending as a first year. I'm hoping that I can help Danny with some of the responsibilities he's taken thus far with the blog, and shed a new perspective on the current approach of the institution.

    Thanks for reading,

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