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    By llefler
    May 2, '10 4:01 PM EST

    Our most recent lecture in our Lecture Series here at RISD was my professors Maria Guest and Mohamed Sharif of Sharif/Guest Studios ( which is located in Cambridge, MA and Santa Monica, CA. The lecture and exhibit focused on their competition entry for the redesign of the architecture building's lecture hall and their winning design for the redesign of our old library building.

    It is really interesting to see your professors work. We are rarely exposed to that side of them. Now when they comment on design choices in critiques things are much more comprehensive and I know what they are talking about now.

    The images are of their exhibit located in the architecture building's gallery space displaying two models and several drawings.



    • qdpv

      hey, i've been looking for a reflective material like that forever! do you happen to know what it is? and thanks for sharing the photos.

      May 3, 10 9:18 pm

      I think that it is reflective mylar. It comes in rolls and is very flexible.

      May 3, 10 9:24 pm

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