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    catch up: fall all-school workshop (the end result)

    By Utako
    Jan 12, '10 1:20 AM EST

    It's been a while since my last blog entry and since I promised to keep an update on the first ever all-school workshop attempt from last fall. Time flies! I can't do a detailed recap since it's been so long, but here is a quick update. hopefully the pictures will get the idea across of what it was like...

    Overall the workshop was good. It was a bit chaotic with all the shuffling of disciplines and people at first, but everyone seemed to have adapted to the change for the week and produced good results in the end. It was super intense, as if we were working on a term-long project in one week, but it was nice to work with a different studio dynamic. The workshop is two-part series, so the part 2 will be taking place next week.


    Each team was assigned one of the four sites around Toronto, all of which were actually going to get bulldozed in the near future for re-design. Our team was assigned the Downsview Park, a huge ex-airport site located north of the city. You might have heard about Bruce Mau/OMA's Tree City project that was supposed to take place there (the project never happened).

    I was in a team of about 15 students, from all three disciplines of architecture, landscape and urban design, with Aziza Chaouni (Bureau EAST) and Liat Margolis from Daniels as team leaders.


    Aziza and Liat divided the group into three mini teams of landscape, transportation and program. We had 5 days to do everything including site visit (I was on the landscape team) and put together a map of site analysis and design proposal for each themes.





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