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    things learned: in wrapping up 4th year

    By Utako
    May 11, '09 5:59 PM EST

    So I'm finally, almost finished being an undergrad student. yay. Deciding to do both engineering and architecture was my choice, but it sure took a long time to get them both done. I have enough people making fun of me for being a permanent student, so it's kind of nice to know that I'm really done, and that I've absorbed all that I could from the undergrad experience at UofT.

    Anyway, despite the many years I spent here at UofT, this year was probably the most stressful one, ever. December got a little crazy when I was trying to make a portfolio, work on 2 studio classes and finish up the BA requirements in 3 years. Looking back though, I think it actually worked out because I learned the most during that time. I guess all the stress made me think creatively. I was always forced to think backwards due to constant lack of time, like "ok so I have 12 hours till crit. what's the best way to divert a quality work? ...and make it look pretty?"- definitely something to work on next year!

    In wrapping up the year, I thought I'd post pictures that describe my high and low moments from this year in the architectural studies program at UofT.

    My high includes a unique studio experience where we really took Street Furniture Design outside of the classroom. We, as a class, took part in a collective experience of craziness (i.e. lead by our intensive and energetic young instructor) where we dipped a little bit into free body art and anarchism. I, with my group, ended up making our own architectural language and generated a manifesto called 'Speras'. It was fun, it was intense and, despite the kerfuffle we saw at the end, we had a good time.

    Our group...
    concept of speras = /spectacle/ +/rasa/






    My low includes a bad studio experience where I designed a box as my term-long pool project. It started out so well with a really good theoretical context, wanting to bring together striae's of diversity together under one space, but somehow I got stuck and ended up designing a box to facilitate this great theory in practice. It's always a disappointment, and a lesson well learned.

    My idea...

    My box...

    Anyway, that's about it for my first blog. I've never done a public blog so I'm sure it will take time for me to adjust and figure out my own 'blog style'.. I hope it rolls out well over the next few months!

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    • Sindhu

      ahh speras.. will haunt us wherever we go. and that's not a box! good job summarizing the year, keep it up:)

      May 15, 09 11:58 pm  · 

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