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Sep '09 - May '10

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    What's going on here?

    By ryan trinidade
    Sep 19, '09 2:08 PM EST

    Walking through the arts quad earlier this week I stumbled upon this. An installation/protest? It was taken down only a day or so later.





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    • jcbrown

      well i am really happy to see a post on my university, if anyone of you out there are planning for higher studies then they should definitely consider Cornell University. The quality of professors is out standing,However, i ended up going on to get a PhD in computer science and now working in TCS one of the largest IT firms
      Education is an investment. Be wise and really think about what you get yourself into. Ask questions, talk to students, even get in contact with alumni and see where they are at.
      Atlas America

      Dec 15, 09 7:38 pm  · 

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