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Sep '09 - May '10

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    And here we go

    By ryan trinidade
    Sep 2, '09 9:30 PM EST

    Playing a little catch up now (isn't that how it always goes?). It took a while to settle into this blog and Ithaca. I moved stateside a little over two weeks ago, the first week was unpacking and administration errands. A lot of planning and coordination goes into the first week; equivalency, course selections, supplies, meetings and of course nightly social meet ups with the incoming class.

    Last week marked the begin of about a week of orientations and informal gatherings. Cornell University, the Graduate School, the Faculty of Architecture, Art and Planing (AAP) as well as the School of Architecture each put on quite a show to welcome the matriculated class.

    image Miller Heller House

    The most personal orientation was, of course, from the school of architecture. Beginning with introductions and inspiring words from new chair Dagmar Richter and director of graduate studies Mark Morris, we were soon acquainted with our new professors. The evening concluded with a BBQ at the Miller Heller House, where we got to meet most of our professors and classmates in the various programs in a more intimate and informal setting.

    You could really get used to a life of socializing, field trips and inspiring landscapes. But just as you begin to feel comfortable, cruel reality begins; announcement of studios, schedules and classes are broached, and your thoughts of a situationist education are reduced to a fleeting memory.

    image Studio Presentations at Barnes Hall

    Last Friday was studio presentations, ballots for options studios, and the lecture series was announced. Some big names were announced, but I'll discuss that a bit later, I'll only mention their initials for now TM, DL, HA, SB ...
    Know who they are? :)

    image Our home, Sibley Hall

    I will keep my post lengths to a minimum, post frequently, and with lots of images. I enjoy the image heavy blogs, although my old camera isn't the most inspiring device, and a bit of an embarrassment to pull out, but its shared a lot of great stories with me.

    Also, I've started twitter, because its so convenient and easy. Feel free to follow me; ryantrinidade


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    • justavisual

      good luck!! hope you get the studio you want.

      post some construction updates one day!

      Sep 3, 09 3:08 am  · 

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