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    By mababer
    Jul 11, '09 12:57 PM EST

    C U P is up to a lot these days.. Since January 1, we have completed 21 competitions.

    We are currently working on a prototype for a pet garden, which will debut in San Francisco's Architecture + the City Festival in September.

    I will be traveling to Iceland in September-October as a part of the KPF traveling fellowship.

    Went to the opening of the Burnham pavilions for the Burnham plan centennial in Chicago. Hadid's pavilion wasn't complete, but the structure was an homage to the weaving of an urban blanket? It looked very nice as is, but seems like it will be nice when complete with video installation inside. There was a beautiful couple taking wedding photographs on UN Studio's pavilion and it was a nice site for the public to be taking advantage of these gifts. The new wing at the Institute was very nice... walking up on the promenade to the terrace.. There is fabric on the terrace which shaded part of it and it was a space to relax, which many people were doing. There was a Cy Twombly exhibit in the museum and it was amazing of course. There were some images, in addition to paintings, which had his initials embossed... so simple and elegant.

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    • is a pet garden like the Pet Architecture version of a pocket park?

      Jul 11, 09 6:37 pm

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