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    End of Year ( maya lin, KPF + )

    By mababer
    May 11, '09 11:28 AM EST

    Rounding up the year.. much has happened.

    I have been working with t.j.surjan's Second Year students. They are a great group of students with a strong sensibility of collective atmosphere, work ethic, and design sensitivity - and at an early stage of their education. Working with these students has served as a renewal for my own design spirit, as I have one year left, and the rejuvenation will surely aid my thesis process. We went to Haley Farm (Clinton, Tennessee) at the beginning of May, where there are 2 maya lin buildings (chapel + library) on site. the library is quite amazing, as the shell was the pre-existing barn (circa 1880), which was labeled, deconstructed, and reassembled as a wrapper for the new structure. I also traveled to Washington DC with these students in March for maya lin's Systematic Landscapes exhibit at the Corcoran gallery. this exhibit is amazing - simple, cohesive, analytical. the most significant pieces for me are the old map books which have been cut to form new topographies.

    Langston Hughes Library (maya lin)
    Children's Defense Fund - Haley Farm , Clinton TN

    in march, my spring break consisted of a trip to the dentist and applying for the KPF traveling fellowship. good news on both ends -- no cavities, and i won the KPF fellowship. my application for the fellowship consisted of a written description of my proposed activities abroad as well as a portfolio of works. i outlined 3 projects : City of the Future, Suitcase Pavilion, and 100 Columns +. i will be traveling to iceland and sweden this summer to observe/analyze the relationship between knitting and architecture (HIGH tech/LOW tech). i will be documenting my trip through photography, knit-sketching, and writing.

    Spring Lecture Series Poster 2009
    Design by C U P©

    C U P (design scientists) had a goal this summer to complete one competition per week, and we achieved it! The competition entries are documented on the C U P imagery site. Competitions included: DWR Champagne Chair Contest, Imagine Coney, UNESCO Language Matters Poster Competition, Beirut House of Arts & Culture, On Farming, ArtWhino tee-shirt competition, GSD Space of Representation, AAZZ, SARUP 40th Anniversary Exhibition, KPF, i want to wake up in C U P topia, edificial architecture, faculty research award, TOGS2, Crystal Art, Imagining Recovery, Intersections Bronx, Glasgow School of the Arts, SFAIA Arch+City.... competitions to come : Situate, Bering Strait, etc.




      this is an annual theme @ v.t.

      May 13, 09 1:13 am

      congrats on the kpf

      May 13, 09 2:40 pm

      congrats on the kpf

      May 13, 09 2:40 pm

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