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    By mababer
    Sep 28, '08 3:30 PM EST

    Just got back from Chicago for WIRED's NextFest.


    Monday, drove up to Chicago in a Uhaul with 14,500+ Components that would become the Suitcase Pavilion 2.0. Tuesday morning, we started constructing the pavilion which serves as the gateway for the Festival, exhibiting technology of the future. 12 VT + C U P Architecture students (3rd, 4th, and 5th years) and faculty had Tuesday through Thursday at noon to complete the pavilion, to be ready for opening night. NextFest is held in Millennium Park, and is now open to the public until October 12.

    Images from WIRED NextFest Opening Night.

    Pillow Cloud in Millennium Park

    My professor, Terry Surjan, with Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley and his wife, Maggie, in the Suitcase Pavilion 2.0 with artwork by Eric Natzke.

    I am in the Suitcase Pavilion 2.0 with Bruce Mau of Bruce Mau Designs. BMD is exhibiting part of The Chicago Project at NextFest.


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