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    Dinner is Served

    By jmaw
    Oct 17, '08 11:46 PM EST

    'Dinner Served' is by far my favourite project at Carleton!

    It brings together building, social interaction, and of course great food! Third year students are given the opportunity to design and build, each group creating a one-to-one dinner pavilion, sited along the Ottawa river.

    Many of the pavilions this year were characterized by round table settings, grilled entrées, and fabric enclosed spaces. Moving screens created ephemeral surfaces and enclosure, journey narrated by a path of light, a black box unfolds to reveal a sensual wooden interior, an integral structure changes its persona over time, a parted cube pays homage to a great wall under the bridge, lilly pads travel and reflect along the mirror of water, saki amongst the tree tops, a homemade concrete bowl sculpted by earth and hay, roasted marshmallows, red fabric, views to the Ottawa river and the O-train were complimented by conversation + shisha under white swaying leaves.



    Canvas Hut
    Photographs © Paolo Milanes


    • That is a wicked project for any school. Love the river views..

      Oct 18, 08 1:27 pm  · 

      do you know how the funding works for the project? The class two years ahead of me (my year didn't do it) had to pay for everything themselves... it would be amazing if the school would actually chip in every year - you'd think they could use some of Azrieli's money...

      Oct 18, 08 4:25 pm  · 

      When I was in 3rd year (three years after your year) the students paid
      for everything themselves. I think its the same deal this year ...
      however, some groups have tentatively sold their pavilion to make back
      some of the cost! Which is really exciting!

      Oct 20, 08 1:10 am  · 

      sweet - I hope they sign a liability waiver... :|

      Oct 20, 08 1:15 am  · 

      I'm really envious... I wish my school had an awesome space for a project like that, or students willing to do it, or money to do it, or people with time to do it.... the list goes on and on and on.

      Oct 20, 08 2:34 am  · 

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