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Sep '08 - Apr '09

  • genealogy of a hybrid

    By jmaw
    Apr 5, '09 11:58 AM EST

    dwg © Jenna Maw

    A collaboration between Carleton + ETH Zurich, using DCV technology. See process video. View full entry

  • Dinner is Served

    By jmaw
    Oct 17, '08 11:46 PM EST

    'Dinner Served' is by far my favourite project at Carleton! It brings together building, social interaction, and of course great food! Third year students are given the opportunity to design and build, each group creating a one-to-one dinner pavilion, sited along the Ottawa river. Many of the... View full entry


    By jmaw
    Oct 4, '08 5:42 PM EST

    How is it possible that architecture students no longer have opinions? Is it because they don’t have an opinion or is it because they have an opinion but are too afraid or too lazy to express their opinion? I am sitting in class surrounded by intelligent people who, except for a small... View full entry

  • Le Moulin à Images / The Image Mill

    By jmaw
    Sep 23, '08 12:13 PM EST

    The world goes black and in the distance we hear the creaks and cries of friction sparking between steel limbs. Our eyes abruptly aggravated by light weaving in and out, pulsating. A whistle blow s. passionate, moving towards the future, the steam engine speeds past . . . . Le Moulin à... View full entry


    By jmaw
    Sep 12, '08 5:03 PM EST

    Poster Design: Sean Solowski For more information visit the School's View full entry

  • Early Wisdom

    By jmaw
    Sep 11, '08 3:15 PM EST

    dwg © Jenna Maw View full entry

  • Welcome

    By jmaw
    Sep 4, '08 12:40 AM EST

    Welcome to my blog page! I am creating a blog this year to document + share my thesis research and travel experiences! I chose to return to Carleton for my Masters Degree because I have always felt that Carleton is 'my school'. the mess . the smells of spray paint, wet plaster and found objects... View full entry

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