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    By jmaw
    Sep 4, '08 12:40 AM EST

    Welcome to my blog page!

    I am creating a blog this year to document + share my thesis research and travel experiences! I chose to return to Carleton for my Masters Degree because I have always felt that Carleton is 'my school'. the mess . the smells of spray paint, wet plaster and found objects. students who are possessed by passion and intuition. The building is the perfect apparatus for an architectural education and there is a strong sense of community between the students and their professors; one inspires the development of the other. I also chose to study at Carleton because there is the opportunity to study abroad for a semester. This year we will be living in Bern, Switzerland.

    I love talking about architecture, thinking about architecture, and of course making architecture. I look forward to sharing + debating with you!



    • grundiger

      i thought spraypaint was banned...

      Sep 17, 08 4:05 pm  · 

      unfortunately ... the "no spray paint" policy is presently being enforced.

      Sep 17, 08 10:58 pm  · 

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