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Aug '08 - Dec '08

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    year two: day one

    By jlew
    Aug 28, '08 12:23 AM EST

    i spent my first day back in shepard hall learning how to use the slide projector (one of my duties as a history/theory TA) and thinking about wheelchair accessibility.

    i am living at my parents' house this week, commuting to school while i care for my mom and her recently mangled ankle (my apologies to the squeamish but yes, those are steel rods sticking out of the bandages). it's not the most accommodating space for a handicapped person - which, unfortunately, she will be for at least eight weeks - and she is begging for a change of scenery. i've got some time before studio tomorrow and have promised to build a ramp so that she can get out to the porch for a bit of fresh air. if that plan goes south, she'll have to hang tight for a few more days until my dad returns from california.

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