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    crazy busy

    By jlew
    Sep 15, '08 10:43 PM EST

    i really don't know why i thought it would be a good idea to start this blog. i naively believed that my 2nd year of grad school would somehow be less intense than the first, so in order to make sure that wouldn't be the case i got involved in a whole bunch of other things. Since i haven't yet had the time to interview my classmates who worked on the Burst House at the MOMA Home Delivery show over the summer, i have no choice but to elaborate on the things i HAVE been making time to do these days or otherwise be kicked off of archinect for failure to blog.

    first and foremost, i am continuing to work on the 07-08 edition of CityWorks, a publication of student projects from the undergraduate and graduate studios at City College. i spent the summer harassing students via e-mail and text message trying to collect models, drawings, renderings, anything they were willing to part with. they spent the summer avoiding me.

    last spring i applied to be a History/Theory TA so i am now assisting Professor Marta Gutman during lectures and with various tasks - worst of all the taking of attendance during lectures, for which i am certain to get a reputation for being a jerk.

    i am also coordinating the registration for a new graduate student organization - The Architecture Film Club (as my classmate Bret says, it's quite a catchy name). we're hoping to get funding from the College to pay for the netfix account and all the Orville Redenbacher's we'll need to make it through My Architect, Sketches of Frank Gehry, Brazil, A Constructive Madness and whatever else we come up with.

    lastly (and I have to keep reminding myself of this), i am the class representative for the grad program and am supposed to attend monthly faculty meetings (apparently i already missed one) and some other important meeting that is coming up next week. as you can tell, I'm really on top of this.

    i promise to do something or see something interesting soon - or at least interview someone who is doing something or seeing something interesting.

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