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    poll: music in the studio

    By jlew
    Sep 16, '08 1:39 PM EST

    where i come from [aka 2nd year studio], i find it impossible to bang out a site model, bond as a studio, draw plans and sections, eat, drink or pretty much do anything without a little non-offensive, non-sucky background music playing on a pair of computer speakers.

    what do you think?


    • binary

      make sure you have what everyone likes and just hit shuffle......

      Sep 16, 08 2:04 pm

      my studio agrees that tunes are necessary. it's just that we're sharing space with the class above us this year and they want DEAD SILENCE.

      Sep 16, 08 2:12 pm

      hey jlew, i played Do You Think I'm Sexy - Revolting Cocks version for 26 hours straight, drove everyone crazy. one more thing, you might want to fix your blog title; no one knows what school you are writing from...

      Sep 16, 08 2:14 pm

      headphones then.......

      Sep 16, 08 2:35 pm

      thanks for the tip. how do i change it?

      Sep 16, 08 2:36 pm

      oh i see - i forgot to select my school name from the pull down menu.

      Sep 16, 08 2:37 pm

      cryzko, that was their suggestion too. i just wanted to prove that the people who want silence are insane and everyone else is normal. a studio is supposed to be filled with the sounds of production - sanding, sawing, people cursing at their computers and music. lest people forget, there IS something called a library.

      Sep 16, 08 2:43 pm

      yeah..... you'll see once stress builds up in studio that people would rather be to themselves.....

      we almost had a studio fight a few times over some radio b.s.

      if you have another a woodshop..then build it there.... keep the peace in the studio

      Sep 16, 08 3:33 pm
      TK. B

      ef that noise.

      Pump bad electro all night. It stops time in its tracks.

      Sep 16, 08 4:30 pm

      cryzko, are you in the third year studio at city college? you'd get along great with those guys. lol.

      Sep 16, 08 4:54 pm

      i'm out of school.... grad. in 99..... went through a 5year program....

      in our studio we had a stereo setup that we would bang out at the later hours of the evening/late nights...... from techno to hip hop to electro to house.....

      but during the day we had headphones.....

      we did respect the other studios/students so we did bang the stereo when we had a chance......


      Sep 16, 08 6:17 pm
      vado retro

      turn that shit down i cannot concentrate on my genius IDEAS!!!

      Sep 16, 08 6:49 pm

      cryzko, i was just joshing with you. but when i said they wanted DEAD SILENCE, i meant ALL THE TIME with NO exceptions. we're all adults so we'll have a nice conversation about it and hopefully come up with some sort of compromise.

      Sep 16, 08 7:49 pm

      yea problem is what is background music for some is an irritating tone for others. Headphones work but not condusive for the "studio vibe" - my last year of undergrad we just made a list meant to be our studio mix tape everyone had 3 songs and couldn't have them all together

      it worked, and those that wanted silence got 3 intervals of was fair across the boards

      Sep 16, 08 11:39 pm

      any updates forthcoming for this blog? i'm considering applying to the program and would love an update on the 'state of ccny'. the school's web site is terribly outdated and i'm unclear as to who is managing the grad achitecture program after andrew zago moved on to sciarc (or at least that's what i've gathered from reading other posts on this site). i won't lie, right now ccny seems like a great option because it's cheap for ny state students, but i want to know more beyond that: the rigor of study; quality of professors; exposure to services and talent; where people end up working afterwards; technical v. theoretical nature of program; effect on all of the above due to the economy; etc, etc. really looking for some honest accounts/assessments of all this.

      please help... or at the least tell someone (since you're on the student rep to faculty) that they need to update their info! :)

      thanks in advance for responding.

      Dec 28, 08 10:38 am

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