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    You are all invited to Sci-arc’s Happy Hour known to us as Fridays @5 (@7).

    By t.v.
    Sep 18, '08 9:16 PM EST

    You are all invited to Sci-arc’s Happy Hour known to us as Fridays @5 (@7).
    As most of you all know most schools of architecture have what is called a “happy hour”. Some are once a month or twice a month but very few schools do this every week. Sci-arc has historically called this Fridays at 5pm because that was the time studio ended, but as we all know things change and studio now is 2pm – 7pm. So we have adapted to this by calling it Friday’s @5 @7.
    So what is Friday’s @5 @7?
    Yes, it is like a happy hour but usually last a bit longer. O.k. really it last a lot longer and is usually followed by one or two after parties in nearby lofts. There are D.J.’s playing music, lights, and large amounts of beer.
    Who is invited? everyone?
    To put it simply everyone and anyone with little or no interest in architecture & design.
    How is it funded?
    By the students. The goal is to raise $300 or more for each Friday @ 5.
    Who organizes it?
    Each studio takes a turn hosting it. This has given birth to a friendly rivalry between studios and the consistent effort to host a better Friday @5 then the other studios.

    The Friday’s @5 @7 often have a theme. The one coming up is bike themed and if followed up by a bike ride through downtown (location not confirmed).
    The 3a studio attempted to build a “leaning tower of tecate”. First of all you couldn’t even call it tower and it looked like a recycling center’s floor.
    So if you are in town come join us and have a drink. Don’t forget to bring your bike.

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    • Mission St.

      I think (I could be wrong) that "historically", it was called Fridays @ 5 because it happened at 5, regardless of studio hours. The point being to force the faculty to give us a fuckin' break after a long week (and before a long weekend also spent in studio). A minor bit of rebellion. Which has sadly been killed.
      It used to be a lot of fun to watch students (and some faculty) slowly start to disappear from studio as 5pm drew near. You'd turn towards the audience at your 4:45 pm review and notice that there were fewer and fewer people listening to whatever crap you're spewing.

      And "yaaay!" to the themes!! Really, some of the more interesting architecture (or interior design?) to be seen at sci-arc is expressed by students decorating for parties, sometimes working all night the day before to prepare.

      Sep 19, 08 3:53 pm  · 

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