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    eat the eel sushi last

    By mikilee
    Feb 1, '07 12:43 AM EST

    this one goes out to one of the founders of archinect. i heard from a good friend who knows you well that you MUST eat the eel sushi last. i know this, but i just wanted to spread the word, because it is a dessert sushi, and maybe prior to that, to eat the flying fish roe sushi which also has a sweet tang to it.

    that's all. hello, goodbye.


    • Marlin

      I'm curious: is there a culinary order of operation regarding when you eat the jumbo clam or abalone sushi?

      Feb 1, 07 11:49 am

      oh. i must be too western. i eat sashimi (no rice, thank you) and always save the most refreshing for last, usually white fish...

      Feb 1, 07 10:09 pm

      hm.. that might be a western thing- but it could be american western or euro-centric, as the french eat salad towards the end of the meal. it's also a western trend to do low-carb, which is why i see, (unless you have a food allergy) you are eating only sashimi. i personally like a balance between rice and fish.

      i do believe there must exist out there, a 'sushi gradient' in terms of etiquette and order, + just had a discussion about this over sake at sakagura, a great little spot in midtown. an alternative possibility to a linear gradient would be a 'sushi/sashimi field' where the rules of eating are more spatial and relational.

      if anyone out there knows of how to acquire information on the sushi gradient/field, do post.


      Feb 2, 07 12:42 am

      Definately a discussion to be held over a meal and some (warm) sake. Now I'm hungry - thanks!!

      Feb 2, 07 1:17 am

      are you asking me out for a date? haha...

      Feb 2, 07 2:31 am

      mikilee sure lets go.

      by the way i had the eel first it was dee...eee...licious; added it adjusted my palate nicely for the spider rolls

      Feb 16, 07 12:56 am

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      Aug 12, 07 6:20 pm

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