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    jtbr_1 :: HISTORY, ANA

    By TADS
    Jan 11, '07 5:44 PM EST

    Okay. The new quarter is just starting to roll. This makes it a little difficult to speak in great depth about what is going on today. For instance, I just ate some peanut butter. Which may or may not be a big surprise or interesting. Still, maybe a little look ahead and a look back is appropriate. This quarter I have three courses: Mayne, Erdman and Speaks. Thom is leading a research studio focused on designing a new satellite city, or chunk of Madrid. This slips into the urbanism theory sector Aaron eluded to in his entry. The premiere event of the quarter will be a one to two week trip to Madrid. After one week in Madrid (and short trips to additional cities in Spain), the studio will divide into research pods which will engage other cities in Europe. The cities include: Paris, London, Amsterdam, Berlin, several Italian spots, etc. The collective research of the pods will then be utilized as precedents to enhance the design projects. Michael Speaks is running a smallish seminar course entitled Design Thinking. The goal is to contextualize architectural theory, then try to define certain emerging design intelligences of recent and future years. Finally, David Erdman is teaching a technology seminar. As with all technology courses, the focus will be on digital fabrication techniques. The project involves designing and installing an interactive store front display at Lace on Hollywood Boulevard. Yes, I am extremely ecstatic about this one. Right, so that is the projection. For the past, I am going to try to post some imagery. Also, two of us have blogs detailing our school experience external to archinect: and Rock and roll.
    Sticky Masses
    Superficial Superglow
    Water Tight
    Air Tight
    Manifold Destiny


    • dedubs

      welcome! the projects look great.

      i'm looking forward to this blog..

      Jan 11, 07 6:47 pm

      Sex overload, way to shoot your load all in one post their Cobra.
      Hey keep us updated on the Speaks critiques of firms turning technique into ideology. I thought it was funny that the supposed clue is the appearance of Sanford Kwinter and lo and behold what was the first reading we got for Superglow2? ha ha.

      Jan 11, 07 8:12 pm

      haha, I thought you requested that reading!?

      Jan 11, 07 8:49 pm

      i don't know what any of it is, but it's pretty.

      Jan 12, 07 7:24 am

      very nice work...nice to see relationship between hand and digital fabrication.

      Jan 12, 07 10:15 am

      WTF is this ?

      Jan 12, 07 3:53 pm

      These are projects that occured during the first two quarters, prior to the blog. I am sure we will get more into discussing these and others as hour glass turns, but for the time being. Here are some links that lead to extra information if desired. Thanks for the curiousity!
      Sticky Mass
      Superficial Superglow
      Water Tight
      Air Tight
      Manifold Destiny

      Jan 12, 07 5:02 pm

      nice to see some good work finally being posted... i was getting a little dissapointed with the image gallery (and the currents projects in the UCLA gallery...)

      Jan 15, 07 2:21 pm

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