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    jtbr_8 :: YES, JACKIE CHAN

    By TADS
    Jun 7, '07 5:57 AM EST

    The other day we had an opportunity to snap some photographs of the fizzle project. Unfortunately, it is still not yet fully completed. It is about as close to complete as it can be without being complete -which is to say: soon. It would be a nice understatement for me to say this was a little more ambitious than I knew. Along with that, it is more satisfying than I previously imagined. The project has many facets and did not shy from many territories. Hence, it is difficult to try to wrap it up adequately in one or two posts. For now, lighting. As I mentioned previously, we found the equipment needed to react to people to be a bit too expensive. So, we flipped the idea of behavior on its head in an attempt to get visitors to react to the installation -as it activates a motionless cavern in Hollywood, instead of the other way around. The start: A burst of light begins from within the wall form, at the back of the lattice structure. The signal of this light generates reactions from nearby components, which in turn further incite adjacencies, and so on. Then, the initial wall glow diminishes and the surrounding lights subsequently lose their luster and fade to black. These cycles happen at five programmed zones between the two window boxes. The posted photos are of a couple close up shots and then an abridged cycle in the west window box.




    • drizzler

      how's your real studio project coming along?

      Jun 7, 07 8:15 pm

      Drizz, its coming along nicely.

      Jun 8, 07 8:26 am
      Michael Pardek

      Shafizzle, looks fantastic...any chances of getting some video?

      Jun 15, 07 5:48 pm

      MAP; Yes. I have some video from a not so nice camera. One of the crew recently purchased an HD quality camera which we plan to use to shoot some video Wednesday. I will post some at that time.

      Jun 16, 07 1:14 pm
      Pegah Roshan


      I have some questions that are not related to your post but I couldn't find a way to email.

      I have questions about RUMBLE event which is going on this week in UCLA. I am an undergrad architecture student and I want to apply to M.Arch.l. I live in Santa Barbara. So I don't know should I come and see the RUMBLE on Friday or not. Does it help me to get the feeling of the UCLA's grad programs? Can I see students project in RUMBLE? In general, is RUMBLE useful for me to come? 

      I know that this blog belongs to four grad students, so I will be happy if any of you can help me with my questions.My email address is



      Jun 14, 12 2:46 pm

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