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    Review what?

    By Aaron Westre
    Nov 16, '06 1:46 PM EST

    Review tomorrow for studio and I've got nothing but ideas. I've increasingly found, however, that this is not such a bad situation to be in. Some prefer have a building, but no ideas, which is much worse from my perspective. Some good quotes from a Cedric Price book I'm reading for studio:

    Notes on
    Cedric Price: Works II
    Architectural Association, London, 1984.

    p. 36: Architects should constantly recall the uses of buildings - namely, use, misuse, reuse, disuse and refuse.

    p. 37: The built environment is becoming a generous repository of buildings for nervous minds rather than a three-dimensional manifestation of a current optimistic civilisation.

    p. 54 Indeed an overwhelming desire to 'get it right the first time' in architecture and planning encourages the safe solution and the dull practitioner. As this sequence has become increasingly clear to the rest of society during the last thirty years, architecture has moved further and further from the areas of human endeavour that respond rapidly and effectively to society's needs and aspirations.


    • ideas are good, but i hope you have a whole lot of sketching to go with them! if they're just up there stewing around in your head they definitely won't be any better than something someone else has drawn, ideas or no. put it on the page.

      once you see it, it's something to which you and others can respond.

      good luck.

      Nov 16, 06 10:17 pm

      Aaron, drop by nye's saturday evening with your project and maybe you'll get a special crit by me and beta!

      Nov 17, 06 5:49 pm

      for an idea to exist, it has to have 'form'. it has to take on a materiality of some type - words, images, sounds, physical substance, etc. the quotes of C. Price show not just 'ideas' but particular words, in particular sequences to 'form' a particular thought. the better the 'form' the better the idea.

      the risk is to say: i have a great 'idea', now i just have to figure out how to -draw, make, describe, build, etc- it. it's not really an idea until it has an expressed form.

      Nov 18, 06 8:26 am

      You can have ideas and you can have "talkitecture". If you have the former you'd better have something material to go with it otherwise it becomes the latter.

      Nov 23, 06 8:56 pm

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