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    Area Student Still Lost in Rapson Hall

    By Aaron Westre
    Oct 2, '06 2:13 PM EST

    Why is it that, after wandering around this building for over 5 years, I can still get lost?


    (south, west, north, and east basement corridors in Rapson Hall)

    As you can see, the basement of the old part of the building is truly problematic. It's got a perfectly symmetrical plan. The same enameled block on all the walls. There's almost no indication of location here. I've even gone around one full circle before finding the classroom I need. Truly a dumbfounding experience.


    • treekiller

      use the sun to navigate by.

      Oct 2, 06 2:20 pm  · 


      Oct 2, 06 3:31 pm  · 
      liberty bell

      Those pics are hilarious! Thanks for showing them.

      Oct 2, 06 3:56 pm  · 

      Ha! It would be too rad if some renegade architect (*ahem*) ran around and tagged each wall with "NORTH ELEVATION" and "EAST ELEVATION" etc etc!

      Oct 2, 06 5:00 pm  · 

      draw arrows on the floor tiles with lipstick, like in Labrynth.

      Oct 2, 06 5:12 pm  · 

      unravel a sweater and follow the yarn back to your desk. or drop some cheese curds on the floor (instead of crumbs).

      Oct 2, 06 7:57 pm  · 

      Doesn't look like much has changed down there. I've been graduated for almosty 20 years and I only have to remember one elevation to refresh my memory. On the otherhnd I was able to figure out which stairwell I was in by some landmarks. The one I remember most vividly is the staiwell with the entrance to the tunnel under the moat. Are there still civil defense crackers in there?

      Nov 18, 06 9:40 pm  · 

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