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    New is a relative term.

    By Aaron Westre
    Feb 28, '07 11:14 PM EST

    A new semester started here at the University of Minnesota some six weeks ago and just now I remember I have this blog to post to. There are busy people in the world and then there are architecture grad students... can I get an amen?

    Anyway, I somehow managed to put together the most radical-est semester ever this go 'round:

    * Studio is focusing on digital fabrication techniques and small spaces with [Charlie Lazor]( and [Garrett Finney](
    * A great seminar with [Robert Ferguson]( called poetically "The Cave and the Light" in which we're tracing the slippery concept of the grotesque through architectural history.
    * A directed study with [Lee Anderson]( exploring some generative methods for creating forms.

    More on my progress along these lines of inquiry soon... now that I've got my bearings again.

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