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Sep '06 - Nov '06

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    site model and...

    By kirabelle9
    Sep 26, '06 9:26 AM EST

    i didnt realize how big my site model was going to be until i actually built it. and ive actually never built a base for a site model myself bc its always been a class thing, and usually one of the guys takes that duty.

    but i decided to not build the traditional base.

    my boyfriend is in architecture too-- in syracuse, and when i told him my next step was to build the base i saw an excited gleam in his eyes. "dooood, put it on casters. itll be badass." and so he explained to me how i should go about it... and the next thing i know im at home depot buying 4x8 sheets of mdf.

    since i knew the assembly of it would require a lot of room, i decided to go back to the chicago burbs to put it together on my lawn. my sister helped..


    then my sister, her boyfriend and i tried loading it in the car...


    didnt fit.

    [look at the first set of pictures from complete assemblage to basic pieces. because that is what we had to do next]

    but so i just brought it back to school and put it together in studio. isnt it beautiful? mainly because its on casters. i still have to finish all my buildings.


    so after taking this picture, i started randomly snapping shots of things on or around my studio desk. everything reminded me of something.. or someone. see for yourself:

    gum and gaudi

    used kleenex and gehry

    scratches on desk and libeskind

    and while we're on the subject, dont u think....

    libeskind and al franken (stuart smalley) RIght?!

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    • Marlin

      thanks for the morning humor. Went well with the coffee.

      Sep 26, 06 10:18 am

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