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Feb '09 - Nov '09

  • an experiment for thesis

    By a.h
    Nov 1, '09 11:39 AM EST

    thesis title: RE-VITALIZE
    -how small public architecture can reinforce social interactions in urban spaces

    investigation / position:

    new network technology and virtual communication has dramatically changed the way we interact. However, there is still an important aspect to the physical, grounded, face-to-face communications. architecture, spatial experience in nature, has a new role of initiating and reinforcing social interactions, meanwhile facilitating the inevitable trend of a new networked society.


    investigating + making + modifying + prototyping

    preliminary experiment:
    a series of tent structures installed in the atrium of the school of architecture, for user observation







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  • made in china 16 october 2009 - 14 november 2009

    By a.h
    Sep 5, '09 10:11 PM EST

    A nearly ubiquitous country-of-origin label seen on countless U.S. consumer goods is the subject of a new exhibition on view Oct. 16 through Nov. 14 at I space, the Chicago gallery of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. The exhibition, “made in china: Erik Hemingway and Allison... View full entry

  • salk [UPGRADE] - week 3

    By a.h
    Feb 11, '09 12:56 PM EST

    We started our designs from generating our individual critical positions toward the future image of the Salk institute, instead of the provided program by the competition. The ideas were then translated into constructs to help represent the ideas, and further trigger the creative process. Fresh... View full entry

  • salk [UPGRADE] - Arch572 Studio

    By a.h
    Feb 10, '09 1:22 PM EST

    This studio uses the form of a design competition as the background, encourages students to form critical positions on the topic of "preservation through provocation". In order to capture the progress of the thought processes of the studio, which is heavily rooted in multi-scale constructs, this... View full entry

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