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Sep '06 - Nov '06

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    and thesis year begins...

    By kirabelle9
    Sep 11, '06 6:28 PM EST

    Oh thesis... dear thesis...

    I don't know why architecture students can't claim residency in studio. We just go back to our apartments to sleep. It's fun so far though- it's like a little party in here everyday- a thesis party. ha, riiigghhtt.. im surprised theres only a few of us that are actually in studio a lot. i dont know where the heck the other thesis students are. its still the beginning of the year, but still- we have lots of work man!

    On another note, I got to have lunch with our first speaker in our lecture series today. It's Patrick MacLeamy from HOK in SF. It was a private reception for student leaders and faculty, but I really liked the fact that he wanted to talk to the students moreso than the faculty.. just wanted to know what we had to say and what not. I hope his lecture tonight is just as good. He said he'd rather have it be more of a "conversation" than a lecture. We'll see..

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