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    My First Car

    By ark9th
    Sep 26, '06 2:47 AM EST

    Alright then ... I've been trying pretty hard to remember when it was that I got my first car. I know it was BEFORE I started college, right after I graduated ... or was it after? See, I do this a lot. Things that really didn't make an impact on my life I just don't remember - I forget them. They're useless memories, and right now, I need that 15% of brain memory that I naturally get in order to keep in the useful things. Either way, what I can remember is that my first car was a REALLY BAD car. The transmission was all messed up, the motor was “new,” which actually means that it came from a junk yard, and all of these things put together made this car the WORST car ever. Still, I was willing to drive this car. Unfortunately, the problem was that my step-dad was not willing to give me driving lessons. Mom was too afraid to get behind the wheel again, especially since getting driving lessons from my step-father were the worst there were in the world. Finally, we all decided to take a chance and teach me how to drive, because mostly I was going to end up teaching myself anyway. I mean, how bad can it be riding a car?

    Well, riding this particular car was pretty bad. Right from the beginning, you noticed the whole “anatomy” of this car was in bad shape. The ironic thing was that my step-dad works as a mechanic, and yet he wasn't willing to fix my car. Fine, I didn't want him near the car anyway, not because I was being selfish, but because this car was just hopeless and I bet even he couldn't fix it. All those bumpy rides I had in that car ... GOSH. I'm just glad I got rid of that piece of junk. How my mother says, though, when I have enough money I'll get myself a BRAND NEW car - if I can't get one from “The Price is Right.”

    Hmmmm, I believe this was a pretty bad introduction to what this particular blog ss about, especially since it has nothing to do with cars. Then again, I have always been known to be a confusing writer, ever since high school. Since I was in my high school's newspaper team, I knew people weren't reading my stories because they were interesting, but they were reading them to see me make a fool out of myself. I surprised them over time, as I got awards for most controversial articles, and especially for covering issues and stories that no one else in the newspaper would cover. If my first newspaper advisor was “Ms. Controversial,” then I had to be “Mr. Controversial” because I was influenced by her liberalism views.

    Apparently, high school was my time period of liberalism. Now that I am in my second year of college, I'm getting the idea that I really have to turn this side of me down. Maybe a couple of notches, maybe all the way down. I'm not sure, I don't really know.

    The thing is that after taking a year off from my career path - if you can call it that - I realize that I am not getting involved into the serious stuff that will determine my future. Alright, alright ... I'll back up.

    When I started college a couple of weeks after graduation, I took a design course based on an architectural learning point of view. I enjoyed it, but I really got a taste of college life: sleepless nights, constructive thinking, a higher level of education. It was amazing. Actually, college has been an amazing thing for me since I started, and it will continue to be that way, I'm sure of that.

    However, I thought I was mixing up too many things at once - in the same way I'm mixing things up in this blog - but this is exactly how I felt my first semester in college. I was taking back then a architectural drafting class, and introduction to architecture (highly useful courses), but at the same time I was taking college level english, pre-calculus (my best subject), and the only rest I got was during my art history classes (also known as “nap time”) - lets not mention the political science class ... tsk ... nope.

    But my plans for my years in school were different. I learned how to be social in private school, during my junior high school years. I was suppose to learn the basic subjects thoroughly during high school, hence very few extracurricular activities other than the newspaper, and college is suppose to be my time for me to focus on my career path. I have been meaning to be really serious about my future, and my future starts in college (hence the school's logo), otherwise I'll feel like I'm going backwards in time in order to perceive the future I am suppose to be part of. Sure, going back and learning/reviewing things is good in some perspectives, but this seems like an entirely different case when it comes to my situation in college. Either way, I did what I did. My second semester in college I decided to take a break from taking any architecture courses, and get done with those general education classes I need in order to transfer to a University. It was a tough choice, but I felt I needed to make it.

    After revising my “student plan,” or the list of classes I plan to take in college in preparation for University transfer, I scheduled my general courses to be completed by my first year in college. That year has passed, and those courses are completed. Currently, and for the following 2 years, I will be taking 4 architecture courses per semester, a different calculus level, and a sequence of physics courses - excluding this semester where I am not enrolled in a physics course. With some hard work, determination, and numerous sleepless nights, I'm sure I'll be ready to transfer to a university and reach one of my long term goals.

    But, exactly how I am doing so far has been another epic for me.

    Don't worry, next blog will be much easier to read. Its just one of the characteristics about me as a person/writer: I place purpose in my organization, syntax, diction, and detail.


    • myriam

      This was a very interesting read. You have a lyrical way of speaking, Nestor. Maybe you will become a great poet-architect!

      My dad is a mechanic, and he was the worst driving teacher EVER. He made both my sister and I burst into tears before we made it to the end of our own street--and this was an automatic transmission, too! It was torture, learning to drive with him. If you messed up, he couldn't fathom why you got it wrong, and if you started crying, he yelled at you to stop. A little overwhelming. I sincerely hope your parents went a bit easier on you.

      Also, it is nice to see a Mexican-American on here. Some of my favorite art and architecture comes from Mexico. And food. Mmm.

      Sep 26, 06 8:39 am

      great intro... you have the writing talent to make this one of the most enjoyable school blogs. keep it up.

      Sep 26, 06 12:26 pm

      alright, elac is in the house! great post. i enjoyed reading it very much. so, who are your instructors right now?

      Oct 12, 06 2:34 pm

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