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    Without an Interview (Scholarship Essay)

    By ark9th
    Jan 16, '06 2:50 PM EST

    High school has not been an easy journey, but rather an “adventurous and epic” time period of my life, just as my Greek name recalls it. Even so, I am always striving to bring the best out of myself as a person but primarily as a student. I am a typical “school boy” without much of a life outside of school, and so, I have and will for a long time dedicate myself to the increasing of my knowledge. This is why, I want to go to college: to make the best out of my character as a student and expand my knowledge of the world.

    When I am not doing school work, which is rare, I am reading and researching things out of my own interest. For example, I once read a condensed version of Homer's The Iliad, and as my name kept coming up I found out that it means “a wise walker with an adventurous epic life.” These words summed up my character as a person, as well as let me understand Nestor's character within The Iliad. This is one of the few things I do on my spare time: search and understand what is around me.

    When I am doing school work, which is most of the time, I am found highly occupied with little time to spare. Occasionally, I am a chicken without a head as I am found rushing around campus doing something for the newspaper, the CSF organization, or my usual work for my academic subjects. This is one of my best skills, time management, as I set myself to daily, weekly, or monthly tasks and goals, and do what I have to do for school. I have always dedicated myself to school, whether it is to my education, or the education and aid of others.

    My priority has always been my education, and at this point of my life what I need to look forward to is college. I have heard, read, and seen what goes on in college: the occasional parties, the dorm stories, the fully packed classes, the long hours, the sleepless nights, the long papers ... I could continue. Like high school was, college is going to be a totally new experience where I am going to meet new people, see new places, live experiences, but most of all, learn new things. As a need for my knowledge, I need to learn new things so that I may develop my mind and make it useful for the world. College is my stepping stone to succeed in every academic aspect, and later on, pass on my own knowledge to the generations after me.

    High school has taught me as much as it could, and ha molded a thorough student within me. Now, this time period of my life is ending and I need to start a new period. Going to college will develop even more my character as a student and hopefully my character as a person, and so, the new experiences will turn this “school boy” into a proud master of the academics. As I become superior academically, I will be reaching my potential as a student and then reach my height in the knowledge of the world that surrounds me, and then ID #****** will turn from a Social Security number, to Nestor J. Saavedra.

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