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    Cornell University Supplement Personal Statement

    By ark9th
    Jan 16, '06 2:53 PM EST
    Interest in Architecture

    Architecture to me is the study of the design and art behind buildings, structures, anything that stands within a physical and psychological purpose; this depends on the creator. I want to be an architect so that I may be knowledgeable within the study of structures and buildings. I would like to be able to recognize what is it that I see within my physical environment. I would like to create something and be part of the evolution of mankind, so that one day anyone could look back and say “he created a memory of mankind's greatest achievements.” My interest developed not long ago after taking a career's test that determines possible careers based on personal interests. I had never imagined myself drawing some kind of structure, but once I did it out of curiosity, and once I learned more about architecture, I knew that architecture was an area I want to be part of. Other possible careers I have considered are teaching, but still within the area of architecture. My dream job is actually to be a college or university professor of architecture building and design, and expand what I know and will learn about architecture. I know some things about architecture, mostly what I have read in Stephen Gardiner's Inside Architecture, and W.R. Dalzell's Architecture. It is not much what I know, but it is enough for me to know that I would like to be knowledgeable about. I look at buildings, especially at my school that is under construction, and I always wonder how is it that an idea gets to be such a piece of art. But the structures that most excite me are the pyramids of Giza, and the view of man's heroic attempt to establish its presence in the world after death. From this, my favorite architect would be Imhotep, the designer of the Step Pyramid and possibly the first recorded architect in history.

    Creative Experience

    The only art course I have taken is Art Fundamentals in high school. Within this course, we were required to draw 24 hand drawings. This was not a good instructional course since were only told what to draw, and even so I was able to teach myself techniques that could be useful in drawing. This developed my second hobby of sketching whatever comes to my mind (my first hobby being photography). I sketch and draw from the minutest things like small porcelain figurines, to vast buildings or houses along with their floor plans. I would consider myself creative, especially when it comes to decorating what could be a room or even a hall. Alongside, my creativity has opened up when I design a building or house. I would tend to connect a bit of the past with the future, and create houses with old and new designs of difference time periods as well as manipulate them and create something new. The greatest thing that I have learned, though, is the value of a straight edge and how one can manipulate it to design what resides in the mind.

    Other Interests

    What I like best in school is the vast knowledge one gains in learning practically anything; from reading and writing Shakespeare, to adding and subtracting the forces of nature. The least thing that I like about my school is the environment that I must live in. The teachers, staff, and administration of the school are wonderful people, but the rest of the community and their believes make me feel like I have reached the highest point of my life already. Living in a conservative community, new ideas are not accepted, and instead I am made to live a certain life. However, this is the greatest challenge I face in school: be able to persuade my new ideas, and experiences. Other than that, I still am challenged within school regarding the academics, but I surpass these challenges and take them to my advantage as I expand my mind and learn whatever I am taught. In my spare time, which is somewhat rare, I do one of my two hobbies: take pictures, or draw and sketch. During my vacation periods I do homework that teachers give, and during summer periods I attend summer school to take an academic subject and advance myself with my required classes.


    Graduating from high school would make me the proudest in my life and would be my greatest accomplishment. I would not be the first in my family to do so, but I will be one of the few. My next step would be to graduate from university, and then follow my architecture career and possibly my dream job of teaching architecture. What motivate me every day are these goals that I look forward to, and my accomplishments in the near future.

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