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Sep '06 - Oct '06

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    thanks for not tearing down Rand Hall

    Javier Arbona-Homar
    Sep 23, '06 12:23 PM EST

    so far, those plans for the Cornell Arch school don't call for the demo of Rand Hall. Not fancy nor pretty, just a big fucking chunker for working...and partying. Here is Dragon Day 1995 (or 96?). Marlin Watson and I are in there somewhere. (thanks to Zano for the pic).


    • swisscardlite

      looks just like one of the parties we just had at Rand Hall...happy desk day!

      Sep 23, 06 12:54 pm  · 
      vado retro

      turn it into a disco lounge with mirror balls and sofas!

      Sep 23, 06 1:09 pm  · 

      we did for a while and then Werner Goehrner made us clean it up... There even were the ruins of a smelly male stripper's outfit who had a confrontation with the gentleman in the baseball hat above.

      Sep 23, 06 3:31 pm  · 

      ahh the good old days... humm i am even partially tempted to apply to grad school... humm wait... guess not... but i sure do miss it...

      Sep 23, 06 5:26 pm  · 

      Kissy_Face's comment from the discussion thread on Millstein hall:

      "I remember as a fifth year thinking that the newbies looked young...until I dug up pictures of myself from first year. I looked like a 12 yr old with an xacto knife..."

      Agreed, especially considering that hideous hawaiian shirt i'm sporting. Javier, thanks for providing a Saturday-long laugh for me and my gal.

      *sigh* I miss everybody in that photo.

      Sep 23, 06 10:33 pm  · 

      hey Marlin, is this 95 or 96?
      ...You're complaining about a shirt on dragon day? Did you see my tie??

      Sep 23, 06 10:44 pm  · 

      a note: to be honest, Javier, i thought this was a photograph of "Sprinkler Day '95" (you freshman are so fucked!!!!,) but i couldn't rationalize the goggles given such a scenario. Needless to say, this evening's drinking has amplified the impact of the foto.

      Thank you so much.

      BTW: sprinkler day: you freshman are fucked!!!!

      Sep 24, 06 6:24 am  · 

      Yea, it looks like some people are wearing goggles, which implies Sprinkler Day to me.

      Also looks a little warm for March... windows open, t-shirts on... green trees... who know though, Ithaca weather is fickle.

      Sep 24, 06 11:21 am  · 

      Yeah... that would bea good reason to be wearing a tie... Cus I really don't think I ever wore a tie to dragon day.

      Sep 24, 06 11:44 am  · 

      It's not sprinkler day... I think you mean picture day. and therefore the ties.

      Sep 24, 06 11:46 am  · 

      ...and the goggles.

      Sep 24, 06 11:48 am  · 

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