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Sep '06 - Oct '06

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    drunkass bear

    Javier Arbona-Homar
    Sep 8, '06 12:01 PM EST

    drunkassbear wants to remind all you school bloggers: remember to submit your student loan deferments!


    • yeah the bastards already charged me for this month....

      thanks for the reminder javier!

      Sep 8, 06 12:11 pm  · 
      liberty bell that one of the dollar bears that garpike was discussing onthis thread? Cute and tasty (though that bear looks neither)?

      Sep 8, 06 1:18 pm  · 

      Bears are on notice.
      Sep 8, 06 2:06 pm  · 
      Sep 8, 06 2:21 pm  · 

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