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    By Michael Walsh
    Sep 12, '06 1:42 PM EST

    classes for us don't start until the 25th, so i am not going to have much to say until then. i am starting my second term as an option III student. it is all very new to me and exciting. i just got myself a new MacBook Pro for the program, which i am also really excited about. so, as classes get going in a bit here, there will be more on this. thanks.


    • Christian Hemrick

      during your first term, did you have a studio class? if so, what were some of the projects you finished (your favorite, least favorite.) i'm stating my first term-track three, so i'm even newer than you.

      Sep 12, 06 2:10 pm  · 

      Go ducks...if you are in Eugene, go to the football game this weekend. Trust me, once school starts, Saturday afternoon at the games will not be an option. Autzen is a very special place to see a game.


      Sep 12, 06 6:09 pm  · 

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