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    perez-gomez still coming, pallasmaa not...

    By crillywazzy
    Mar 31, '06 4:09 AM EST

    hey y'all... been a long damned time. we were supposed to have both alberto perez-gomez and juhani pallasmaa visiting one week after another up in our humble corner of the continent

    unfortunately it appears pallasmaa has bagged on it all. supposedly he was pushed a bit too far by us customs/immigration folks regarding getting into the country. not one to be hassled by such things, he opted to cancel the whole tour.

    perez-gomez will still be coming this month which is still pretty fantastic for our little school. last month steve christer from studio granda in reykjavik lectured and it was also very good. here's hoping we'll get more great stuff in the future.


    • perez gomez was here last year and was brilliant. he spoke for a long time, and with no images, and it was riveting. he gave, as his reason for not using images in his presentation, the following argument:

      superficiality rampant in culture, even to the point of becoming respected through the cultural value given to marketing. he has an interest in reconnecting with 'C' culture, fostering continuity with the natural and the cultural world, particularly through language. so he's against the seduction of the image and the use of tools (like computers) that are not as neutral as they pretend to be. misuse of tools > delusion > pathology.

      and that was in the first minute. amazing lecture. enjoy.

      would like to see someone from studio granda someday. their art museum in reykjavik is stunning. ...actually - maybe i wouldn't want to hear about it. part of its seduction is in the fact that it's kind of enigmatic. it's possible to know too much.

      Mar 31, 06 7:45 am


      granda kept things a little enigmatic and didn't give away all the secrets. it was actually more like flipping through a monograph on them while he stood over your shoulder. i did walk out feeling that being an architect might not be so bad after all.

      thanks for the preview of perez-gomez too...

      Mar 31, 06 3:18 pm

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