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  • a real project!?

    By crillywazzy
    Aug 24, '06 9:16 PM EST

    designing a house for a real client. really getting built. really in over our heads. me + 2 other students (2 3rd years and a 4th year)... i picked them because they're great students and great designers. one of my studio instructors asked me to do this project, but i couldn't handle designing an entire house alone (yet). this isn't a school project, but i'll keep tabs on it here anyway...

    here's the site:


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  • perez-gomez still coming, pallasmaa not...

    By crillywazzy
    Mar 31, '06 4:09 AM EST

    hey y'all... been a long damned time. we were supposed to have both alberto perez-gomez and juhani pallasmaa visiting one week after another up in our humble corner of the continent unfortunately it appears pallasmaa has bagged on it all. supposedly he was pushed a bit too far by us... View full entry

  • back to school too...

    By crillywazzy
    Oct 1, '05 1:54 PM EST

    we just finished our first week back for fall 2005. there have been and will be some changes in our school this year and next... unfortunately we lost our 2 best and most driven professors, rich shiga and amir ameri, over the summer. shiga was a force to be reckoned with for ambitious 1st year... View full entry

  • la tortuga alegre

    By crillywazzy
    Apr 22, '05 6:40 AM EST

    this week in studio: custis slept in his mom's minivan. adam said "impressionist sculpture" (aka thumbs down). we sat in the sun for hours. job's model made everyone cry (in a bad way). i'm disillusioned as a motherfucker and would quit this shit if that wouldn't make me a chump quitter which i'm... View full entry

  • simulacra

    By crillywazzy
    Apr 9, '05 5:43 AM EST

    this week has been somewhat of a watershed moment for me in foundation studio ii. i'm not sure if it's the nasty hours i'm putting in and the resulting sleep-deprived trance state i can access at will now or if it's something else, but i'm beginning to become aware of these tiny fragments of... View full entry

  • back for more...

    By crillywazzy
    Apr 5, '05 11:41 AM EST

    it's now the beginning of the second week of spring quarter for us. my schedule is pretty similar to last quarter's: the second 10-weeks of the foundation studio sequence, the third part of the architecture history sequence and a required cultural studies class. i managed to secure a place in... View full entry

  • urrrrggghh.

    By crillywazzy
    Mar 5, '05 6:08 PM EST

    the last thing i remember about yesterday was being in studio and working very hard on my project and then suddenly it was 12:30 this afternoon and i was lying in bed with a splitting headache and this picture on my phone... urrrrggghh. View full entry

  • a quick update

    By crillywazzy
    Mar 4, '05 2:00 PM EST

    i'm sorry to see it's been close to a month since i last posted. when i undertook this blogging project, i really had no clue what studio time would entail. being away from home for long stretches means being away from my computer for long stretches too. looking back on my pre-studio life, i have... View full entry

  • over halfway through

    By crillywazzy
    Feb 10, '05 5:35 PM EST

    a shorter entry this time... i've been tasked by the ASO with sorting out a combination field trip to alvar aalto's library at mt. angel and frank lloyd wright's gordon house. they're both about 45 minutes SW of portland, an easy daytrip. i've been to the aalto library already and i think it's... View full entry

  • week 4 also a blur...

    By crillywazzy
    Feb 1, '05 4:05 AM EST

    are you there archinect? it's me, crilly... and it's been seven days since my last confession. the past week was a blur of studio work with a handful of socialising and some whatnot thrown in for good measure. with some help from my old friend photoshop, some clippings from old wallpaper* mags, a... View full entry

  • 3 weeks in... my 1st entry.

    By crillywazzy
    Jan 25, '05 12:37 AM EST

    my first entry, though school started on january 3rd... i'm in beginning design studio I (arch 180). that's 3 days a week, 4 hours a day. there are 80 of us split up into 5 sections / 5 different instructors. i registered for classes a bit late last december and so i missed out on my first choice... View full entry

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