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    By crillywazzy
    Apr 9, '05 5:43 AM EST

    this week has been somewhat of a watershed moment for me in foundation studio ii. i'm not sure if it's the nasty hours i'm putting in and the resulting sleep-deprived trance state i can access at will now or if it's something else, but i'm beginning to become aware of these tiny fragments of clarity and i can almost reach out and touch them sometimes. on the other hand, i can't be sure they're not those damned tracers that are starting to flash around in my field of vision a few times a day either. those sure were weird the first time i had them and couldn't conciously correct them or will them away.

    i reckon i'm getting about three hours of sleep a night now. i have doubts that that's enough. i can also see why marriages get smashed up by this process. i hardly see my wife these days. we overlap for a few minutes here and there and have become abstract voices on the other end of speed dial sequences. in general it appears as though my entire life, friends, personality and habits have begun a process of translation into simulacrums which exist only within the context of shattuck hall. it's not unlike being trapped inside “solaris”.

    a serious plus side to all this: i get to hear the birds every night outside at 3:00 a.m. when i tag along on smoke breaks.

    the past two weeks have held a site analysis and resultant qualitative and quantitative drawings and diagrams of that site. i'm not a great fan of drafting, but that's just what we did. i really resisted doing this thing which i could've knocked out with illustrator in a half hour, but which ultimately took 3 days to draw by hand. the result was a pleasant surprise to me (and for custis' sake i'll post some pics tomorrow). it's a composite drawing at 23x28, a test run for monday's final pinup where it jumps to 30x42 and "more better"-ness.



    • sssimon

      don't you think long winded stories about sleep deprivation are a little passe by now?

      Apr 10, 05 3:33 am

      I sense a negativity in your comment sssimon.

      Blogs are not about self-censorship, it's about what we're honestly going through and feeling, and being that experience is subjective, some of you readers at times may be bored with what we write. Patience please, it takes alot to reveal your strengths and weaknesses on theses pages.

      I myself thought crilly's description of his "delirium tremens" and the comparison to Solaris a quick, interesting read.

      Bored? Read something else. No need to be negative here.

      Apr 10, 05 11:45 am

      i can't tell whether to love you or destroy you for your clarity bill.

      Apr 10, 05 5:34 pm

      lol, as my old studio critic would say, "you can't have one without the other"!


      Apr 10, 05 6:27 pm

      I'm just touched that there are other architecters that are fans of PKD...

      Apr 10, 05 7:52 pm

      sssimon: if you thought that was long, i'm guessing you didn't get the tarkovsky reference? and as bill said it's my fucking life. thanks for reading nevertheless, y'all...

      Apr 10, 05 11:18 pm

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