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    The Projective Landscape

    By Edwin Gardner
    Mar 12, '06 7:59 PM EST

    so, this week it wil finally happen, The conference I worked on together with a dedicated group of students will take place. The 16th and 17th of March a impressive group of speakers will gather in Delft:
    Stan Allen (special apperance)
    Robert Somol
    Sarah Whiting
    Michael Speaks
    Roemer van Toorn
    Kamiel Klaasse
    Reinhold Martin
    Peter Trummer
    Nikolaus Kuhnert
    Hans van Dijk
    Ole W. Fischer
    Wouter Vanstiphout
    Willem-Jan Neutelings
    Naomi Stead
    Lara Schrijver
    M. Christine Boyer
    Arie Graafland
    K. Michael Hays

    AND the good news, for those who can't be there we've set up a live video stream of all the lectures and discussions. And the video's will stay online for about a month. So no excuses to miss anything.

    the program can be found on the website:


    • Mason White

      that is great newsto hear that the videos will be available online.
      and looking forward to reading your "review" of the event...

      Mar 13, 06 1:03 pm

      that is great news! its not often that these conferences get to be vidy from afar. Nice work

      Mar 13, 06 3:59 pm

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