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    busy, busy, busy ... but anyway an update

    By Edwin Gardner
    Jan 31, '06 6:48 PM EST

    A lot of time has passed since the last post so I will give you an update since new years eve. One post per month is probably ok...I guess, quality goes above quantity.

    (picture: Bart van Bueren, taken from the roof of the Bacinol)

    2006 started with a great new years eve party at the Bacinol an empty warehouse in Delft which now houses small creative companies. Together with the Rundfunk DJ collective I DJ'd there untill 6 in the morning and still people were dancing! After the holidays I didn't have to do any test's so I had some time off. ...well from school at least... because I'm very busy with work at Volume (webeditor) and with organizing a conference at Stylos.
    Mason commented on my previous post with the question If I could give you a report of the Projective Landscape conference. Which shouldn't be a problem because I'm organizing it, we are actually looking at possibilities to put all the lectures online in streaming video. but I can't make any hard promises about that.

    (In 1974 Team 10 gathered in Aldo van Eycks garden in Loenen aan de Vecht.)

    A very interesting event that took place here in Delft was the conference on Team X and the brilliant Team X exhibition in the NAi in Rotterdam though non architects/students hated the exhibition, it's too much for insiders -finally seeing famous Smithsons sketches in reality- and not digestible for the general public. I can't tell you anything about the conference on Team X because I wasn't able to attend, but lectures and report can be read on here on the team 10 online website

    A more social event took place last weekend when some Dutch student organized a Pivo SESAM (pivo=beer, Small European Students of Architecture Meeting). It was a lot of fun. We where with a total of 18 students half Dutch and the other half coming from Lithuania, France, Belgium, UK, Spain and Portugal. This group of students knows each other through EASA(European Assembly of Students of Architecture). EASA is held every year somewhere in Europe 04 in Lille (France), 05 in Berun (Swiss) and 06 Budapest (Hungery) and 07 Athens (Greece) in the beging of August. For a period of two weeks 400 students gather to do workshops, go to lectures and of course party a lot, the atmosphere there is totally amazing here you can check some pictures from last time in Bergun, Swiss In spring there will be to other SESAM's of which I would like to attend one. The Pivo SESAM was just for fun but this are more serious, one in Belarus in May and on in Macadonia in April, an of course I will be there at EASA in Budapest (which has no website yet).

    Last thing that has to happen this week (or actually tommorrow) is applying for the erasmus program after this summer. Which means I have to choose a university I would like to go to for half a year. My 3 options I considered where Berlin, Sao Paulo and Istanbul. And I think I know which one It will become. probably Istanbul. Sao Paulo is totally amazing city, nothing like it, but you HAVE to learn Portuguese, nobody speaks english there. And education is not that great there (great coffee though probably ;) Berlin is great but too close and culturaly familiar and then Istanbul also an amazing city,the education is comparable to Delft in its system and quality and professors and students speak English and there are some courses given in English. So.... these fact make the choice easier.

    Well that's enough for now...

    best, edwin


    • Michiel van Raaij

      Hi Edwin, you're the only representative of Delft. And you're going to Istanbul... bit ironic... Regards, Michiel.

      Feb 2, 06 1:01 pm

      great photo at the top - and good luck with erasmus - even if you have a bad time it will still be a great experience!

      I went to Eindhoven (from Glasgow) for my Erasmus in 2003 - I miss it very often! :...( *sniff*

      Thanks for the link to easa - I heard a friend did it (with funding from EU?) and I would love to try it too.

      Feb 22, 06 8:43 am

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